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I am SO excited to share with joy the many flavors of service my life prepares me to offer.  I look forward in speaking with you to find ways to support you and those you love and you serve!



 Family Life Coach

Guided by Simplicity Parenting Life Coach training with special interest in creativity and nature connection we weave a supportive network into the life of family and home.


Support for Schools

Support is offered for community building and individual refreshment that comes through experiences in the arts and nature connection for the staff, the parent body, or the combination of the whole school community.   As well, mentorship and special subject guidance is available to the teaching staff as well as programs for the Parent Body applying  Waldorf Early Childhood understanding and deepening Nature Connection.


Special Programs

Soul Turnings rich array of Life Connection intentions are ready to stir up offerings to enrich your unique programs.  Lets co-create!


Private Mentoring

Through training as Holistic Life Coach, extensive deep nature connection experiences, and the arts we travel the adventure of presence within human life.  My Personal transformational journey gifts "spiritual muscle" to offer to you.


Support for Teacher Training

Soul Turning's Arts, Nature Connection, Life Tending programs, and Waldorf Early Childhood education experiences including Parenting Support, are rich opportunities to merge with training programs for educators and caregivers.



"What life this if full of care we have not time to stand and stare..."!

So much to celebrate... Lets join hands in making this a World of rejoicing...  Soul Turning is here to support your unique story, design with the forces of Life alive.  Explore the forces underlying the moment to remember, as we acknowledge and give thanks!

Mulberry Cottage was a very special place for me and my family.  I learned many things about being a mother and home making through Denise and her work. Kneading bread with my daughter on my lap is a special and sweet memory.  Seeing my son find a safe place to play, grow and meet the world while making friends when it was his turn to attend was also a joy.  There was a nice combination of play and “work” for the children as well as care and fun.  I also had the privilege of being in a small mothers’ group together with our children and under Denise’s guidance. We worked together to bring the rhythm of play, snack and story to the children.

Denise led and guided the children and mothers with an open heart and open arms.  I recall being guided in many ways to support my children through sleep, play, games, daily rhythm and self-development that was very supportive for me as a mother and for them as children.  There was a sweetness to Mulberry Cottage that is much needed for the young child, and I feel very grateful for the experience.

From: Laurie Schmiesing, 
RN, MSN, ANS, CBP, RES, BATAnthroposophic Nurse Specialist, Certified BodyTalkTM Practitioner, Rhythmical Einreibung Specialist, BodyTalk Access TrainerTM

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