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Nurturing Arts

 Arts for Every Human.  

Inspired by Anthroposophy.

 "Our striving must be built upon trust and love for humanity...

it must flow out of the soul's own forces.  

And this love for humanity must gradually expand

into love for all beings, and indeed for all existence."

R. Steiner 

Nurturing Arts is a connection experience.  

An awakening, artistic experience within a group.  

We join our inner soul forces with the world

through exploration in materials;

pastels, paint, pencil, charcoal, pen, clay, and in voice and movement. 

We transform the outer world through our inner activity

by painting, sculpting, drawing, writing/poetry/story, singing, movement, games.  

We share together, honoring each individual expression as essential to the whole.  

Doing our finest work, we release to the experience as the true purpose.


Each of us is part of the expression,

and what becomes from being together is part of the Art!

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"I do not paint and sculpt to express myself,

but rather to let color and form speak to me.  

On that basis, I aspire to enter into an inner dialogue with color and form.  

I share the outer results of my inner activity..."  

Michael Howard,

"Art and Humanity in Metamorphosis" Being Human, Summer-Fall 2018

"I come into a special place and time for self to feel a sense of grounding and serenity through doing Nurturing Arts.  It is a kind of meditation to me, a meditation through the art."

H-H.N San Jose CA


Nurturing Arts In Person Live Events

Creating a community of connection through Artistic Sharing.  We explore various themes in a series, for example, the seasons, poetry, story, art history, biography.  Time for refreshment and social connection is  usually included.


Nurturing Arts Online

And as we learned to do via the Covid Year we have offerings also online bringing as best we can the experience to those who  can not attend live.  This has allowed a broadening of our circles out of a perceived limitation. 


With Scacred Circle Dance

We weave Nurturing Arts and Sacred Circle Dance (lead by Elizabeth Weiss) to further refresh our Souls.


Nurturing Arts World Wide

We are a world wide community inspired to explore what it is to be human through artistic sharing.  

Come have a look at further offerings at our website:


"Is there any real connection between the phenomena of nature

- the elements - color

and our own feeling souls?... 

In uniting ourselves with color,

we live and weave with and within the elements... 

then we shall discover that

here a new approach to nature can disclose itself 

which is at the same time an approach to the human being."  

'The Individuality of Color' by Elisabeth and Gerard Wagner

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