Nurturing Arts

An Anthroposophically Inspired Arts for Every Human.  This is not an Arts Class, it is a Connection Experience through the Arts.  This Awakening Arts experience within a group setting allows us to connect our inner soul forces with the world through exploration in materials, pastel, paint, clay, pencils, charcoal, pen, voice, movement... transforming the outer world through our inner intensions in our painting, sculpting, drawing, writing/poetry/story, singing, dancing or other creative movement.  We share together and honor each individual expression as essential to the whole and though we do our finest, our work is not for the final product.  Each of us is part of the expression and what we become from being together is part of the Art!

*** Free Opportunities available in half hour, one hour, or full two hour experiences.  Submit Enquire Below.

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Nurturing Arts In Person Live Events

Creating a community of connection through Artistic Sharing.  We explore various themes in a series, for example, the seasons, poetry, story, art history, biography.  Time for refreshment and social connection is  usually included.


Nurturing Arts Online

And as we learned to do via the Covid Year we have offerings also online bringing as best we can the experience to those who  can not attend live.  This has allowed a broadening of our circles out of a perceived limitation. 


with Scacred Circle Dance

Building on the Nurturing Arts Lives we join with Sacred Circle Dance guide to further refresh our Souls.

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