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Soul Turning is committed to serving the community through creating places and experiences for Life. Creative connections grow out from our attention in the arts and nature awareness. We explore centering the seeker in collaboration in groups or individually, and with the natural world.  Finding our potential is born in playfulness and joy through connection, celebration, joining in the dance of creation for Self, Others and the Planet. 


Substance of Life:
- Nurturing Artist since 2000
- Forest Therapy Guide 2020
- Rx Outside 2020
- Helpers Mentoring Society - Helpers Journey 2018, The Living Fire 2019,

                  Heart and Song 2020-present
- 8Shields Leadership Initiation Project 2016, 2017
- Kamana Naturalist Training 1 and 2 most of the 2000's - present

- Relationship Development: Programs and Volunteer 2015 - present
- Simplicity Parenting: Group Leader and Counselor 2013 and 2014
- Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher 1995-2015
- Member of the Community for Creative Non-Violence 1989
- Computer Science in the 1980's
- Child among the Birches of New England and the Canals of the Netherlands.

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