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Our Work and Play

Step into the adventures of our Events and Programs.

Creations, and explorations generously shared.

Highest gratitude to everyone who partakes in these creations!


Friday Evening Arts and Story
a New Kind of Happy Hour

We gathering to integrate from our week through artistic sharing in community.

"A Noticing, An Awareness.
Babies born, bugs, and blossoms,
     Bakers and tamale makers.
Licks and wagging tails.

Remember, Grace and Deserve!"

Group Poem

Soul Nourishment Saturdays

Monthly we join for Sacred Circle Dance and Nurturing Arts for our Soul Nourishment.


Thursday Soul Nourishment

Thursday Soul Nourishment, keep us fed with smaller taste of Sacred Circle Dance and Nurturing Arts.

Forest Therapy Guided Walks

Ah to be about the woods, senses alive, soul awake, spiritually connected!

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