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The Veins of the Earth Flowing

Updated: May 1, 2023

The peace of being beside flowing water.

Renewal and joy and forgiveness as we remember the travesty of the misuse of waters.

What happened to the Willows?

Oh the Redwoods were planted here because the Willows along the stream had died?

Ah the bigger story emerges out of the appreciate of the Redwoods, the Willows demise is hidden. ( )

The orchards that defined the Valley of the Hearts Delight, took down the area's water table by 14 feet, of course the water loving Willows died back.

(This image from the Los Altos, CA, History Museum outside displays. Note from image: During the agricultural boom the water table was depleted and the land actually sank!)

Today we celebrate the infusion of life through the waters!

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